Roof Inspection

Want to know if your roof has any damage after the recent storm? Then give us a call and we will come out for your free roof inspection.

Roof Approval

Once your insurance company has been contacted, we will set up an adjuster appointment in order for your roof to be approved.

Roof Insallation

Now, it's time for your new roof installation! We will schedule your new roof installation once we have received your settlement check from your insurance company.

6 Easy Steps For A New Roof Installation

quality roof inspection photo tampa, florida

Step 1: Call us to schedule your Roof Inspection

Once you make contact with Southern Pro Restoration, we will schedule an on-site inspection and assessment of your roof and property for evidence of any storm-related damages. If evidence of storm damage is discovered, Southern Pro Restoration will help you contact your insurance company and file your claim at this time. The claim filing typically takes 5-10 minutes.

Step 2 : Schedule Adjuster appointment with insurance company

Now that the claim has been filed and your insurance company has had a few days to process the claim, your insurance company will contact you to schedule a meeting with their adjuster.


Please note the time and date of the adjuster appointment, then contact your Southern Pro Restoration representative with this information.

quality roof inspection tampa, floridafing company insurance claim
quality roof inspection tampa, florida

Step 3: Contact us with adjuster appointment information

Next, contact your representative, from Southern Pro Restoration, with the adjuster appointment date and time. Then, we will assign one of our Adjuster Pros to meet with your adjuster ON THE ROOF. This guarantees you that a fair and thorough assessment is made of all of the damages and will give you the BEST CHANCE of getting your roof approved for replacement.

Step 4: Adjuster Appointment

During the adjuster appointment, Southern Pro Restoration will meet with the adjuster ON THE ROOF and assess the damages. Our primary goal at this meeting is to make sure that damage is not overlooked and that the adjuster has noted ALL damages sustained to your roof and property. We also assist the adjuster in measuring the roof, sketching the roof, and holding their ladder for added safety. Southern Pro Restoration will then inform you if your roof has been approved for a complete replacement as well as any other damages that are covered in the settlement.

quality roof inspection tampa, florida
quality roof inspection tampa, florida

Step 5: Contact us when settlement comes in

It usually takes about a week after your adjuster appointment to receive your settlement package by mail. At this time, call your Southern Pro Restoration representative to inform them that you have received it. We will then contact you shortly to schedule your work order meeting.

Step 6: Roof installation

Now that you have completed all of the steps in our process it is time for your new roof to be put on your home!

quality roof inspection tampa, florida

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Contact us today to schedule your FREE roof inspection to see if your roof will get approved for damage due to the recent storm.