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Did you know that your roof could have a leak and you not even know it?

Some of the signs of a leaky roof aren’t as blatant as water pouring out of your ceiling. There could be damage to your flashing, missing shingles, lack of ventilation, and roof rot to name a few. And, most of those are on top of your roof where I’m sure you don’t go on a daily basis. That being said, let us come out and help you determine if there is a leak in your roof. We can help you look for the signs that you need a of a full roof replacement.

Below we will break down the 5 most common signs of a leaky roof and how you can spot them in time.
Curling/Buckling Shingles

Buckling shingles can be caused by extra moisture or water damage and can cause your roof to leak.

Curling:Buckling Shingles Local Tampa Roofing Company

Algae and Mold On Roof

Algae and mold on your roof may not cause a leak right away, however, leaving this untouched for too long can result in a leaky roof.

Mold on roof - Tampa Roofing Company

Missing Granules From Shingles

If you notice your roof looking a bit discolored then go ahead and call your local roofing company to come out and inspect your roof for missing granules on your shingles.

Missing Granules Cause Leaky Roof Photo Tampa, Florida

Missing Shingles From Roof

This is probably the most obvious type of damage to your roof. If you see you are missing any shingles then call right away and have someone come out to inspect your roof. Because the longer those shingles are missing the more likely you are to have a leak in your roof.

Southern Pro Restoration Wind Storm Damage Photo Tampa

Interior Ceiling Rot

Ceiling rot can be a result of any of the above mentioned damage to your roof. If you see this on your ceiling then you should call someone immediately so further damage isn’t made to your home.

Leaky Roof Photo Tampa Florida

If you have a leaky roof, then call your Local Roofing Company to come out and take a look. We would be happy to come out and assist you with your roofing needs.


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