6 Questions To Ask Your Roofing Contractor Before Hiring Them

Is your roofing contractor licensed?

The answer to this question should be an astounding YES! It is illegal for a contractor to practice without the proper licensing. Every roofing contractor should have their license number visible on all aspects of their business from the documents you sign to their website and any commercial vehicles they have driving around town.

Is your roofing contractor insured?

Here is another question that your roofing contractor should answer yes to. Do not working with a roofing company who is not fully insured.

Does your roofing contractor provide a garbage container for refuse material?

You most definitely should find a roofer that provides the dumpsters for all of the old materials. You should not have that responsibility, and if a roofing company tells you otherwise then you should run.

Do they provide a warranty?

Another great question to ask, is if they provide a warranty. You know you’ve found a good company and a good product when the roofing company shares with you about their 25 year warranty.

Does your roofing contractor have someone on the job site taking care of your roof?

A foreman should be provided and included in the cost of your roof installation. This person is here for YOU. They are there to answer any questions you may have, in addition to making sure the crew stays on task and on time.

Does your roofing contractor provide a written estimate?

After you meet with your roofing expert, they should provide what we call a written estimate. This will outline the details of every aspect of the installation from shingle to warranty.

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