Full Roof Replacement: May Be The Most Cost Effective

When it comes to your roof, you are faced with two questions: Should I repair my roof? OR Should I get a full roof replacement?

Is A Full Roof Replacement The Right Answer For You?

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It might surprise you that sometimes it is more cost effective to replace your entire roof than it is just to repair it. In 2017, a report from HomeAdvisor shows the average cost to repair a roof is $777 while the range of the cost to repair a roof for the homeowner is between $300-$1300, with the lowest repair being around $150 and the highest being around $4300.

Let’s break this down

Most homeowners in the Tampa area have an average deductible in the amount of $1000. Of, course this is just an average so it may be more for some and less for others. That being said, if the average cost to repair a roof is $777 and the average cost (for you) for a full roof replacement is $1000, I think we both know the better option. Considering, for roughly $123 more you can get your entire roof replaced, I would say it’s worth the extra $100 to do so. Where as if you just replace it, you could be spending another $700 to repair it every few years. When, if you just replace the entire roof for your deductible, you are covered under your warranty and don’t have to worry about those small repairs adding up.

If you aren’t sure whether your roof needs to be replaced or repaired then Contact Us for your free roof inspection and let us determine that for you.

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