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Hail and Wind Damage

Q. How can I tell if my roof has sustained hail/wind damage?

A. It is almost impossible to see this type of roof damage from the ground. The sooner the roof is inspected by a trained professional the better.

Q. What can hail/wind damage do to a roof?

Watch this video on the effects of hail and wind damage to your roof.

A. Hail damage can result in asphalt shingle blistering which is where mineral granules from an asphalt shingle are removed, and there may be dents, bumps or protrusions on the shingle’s surface. There may also be craters or black pits showing that protective minerals have been compromised. In addition, high winds can cause shingles to become loose and to fold causing shingles to form a crease and eventually shear off.

Q. What should I do if I suspect my roof has suffered hail or wind damage?

A. Simply call Southern Pro Restoration to receive an inspection at no cost to you. If evidence of hail or wind damage is found, we will make arrangements to meet with an adjuster from your insurance company to review the damages.

Q. What happens after Southern Pro Restoration meets with my insurance adjuster?

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Why Southern Pro Restoration

Q. What are the advantages of using Southern Pro Restoration?

A. Here are the Top 8 Reasons to use Southern Pro Restoration as your Tampa roofers.

  1. Local, family owned and operated company
  2. Licensed and insured
  3. Accredited company
  4. Certified installers
  5. Insurance specialists
  6. Supplement request(s) for other damages
  7. 5 year No-LEAK warranty.
  8. You have nothing to lose!

Q. What are the disadvantages of attempting to do it myself?

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Insurance Questions

Q. Do I need to replace my roof soon after hail or wind damage has been determined?

A. Insurance companies have a specific time limit for filing claims, therefore, taking care of such situations quickly is always best.

Q. Why did my insurance adjuster initially fail to detect damage to my roof? I requested a second inspection by the roofing company, and they found hail/wind damage this time. Does this happen frequently?

A. At times, it is possible to miss hail or wind damage on roofs, especially if the hits have not weathered yet. A second inspection will determine without a doubt if damage exists or not.

Q. What happens if gutters, siding, window surrounds, etc... are also damaged during the storm? Will my insurance cover this also?

A. Insurance companies are prepared to cover these expenses. We will look for these items at the time of your inspection and note it with the insurance company, then we will inform the adjuster of any damaged items.

Q. What is the depreciation (deduction) made by insurance companies as part of the adjustment?

A. Insurance companies decide up front on a Replacement Cost Value (RCV) for your roof. They will typically give you a portion of the RCV at the time of the adjustment known as Actual Cash Value (ACV) for the roof in its present condition. They then hold the other portion of the Replacement Cost Value (RCV) until they receive a signed contract from both you and the roofing contractor as proof the new roof has been installed. You will then receive the remaining funds in the mail so that you can pay your roofing contractor.

Q. Would all insurance companies pay out the exact same Replacement Cost amount for my roof  or does it vary from company to company?

A. It varies from insurance company to insurance company. This is where working with Southern Pro Restoration helps as we complete each job to the same high quality standards that has earned us our a great reputation in our community, so you know if we have accepted the job, these high quality standards will be met.


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