Top Ways To Maintain Your Roof And Keep It Looking Like New

When you purchase a new roof, you expect it to last you a while. Of course there will be storms and unexpected things may happen. However, for the most part, you shouldn’t have to get a new roof but every 10-15 years. Now, that doesn’t mean you can ignore your roof. After all, it’s a large investment made on your home. Therefore, it is very important to maintain your roof and keep it taken care of. Here are a few ways we suggest to help with the upkeep of your roof.

Remove Any Loose debris

Removing debris can be done by you or someone you hire, but needs to be done every so often or when large pieces of debris or branches happen to land on your roof.

General Inspection

Look for wear and tear on your roof so when a storm does come you are prepared. You can look out for things like, mold, moss, missing shingles, or extra wear in certain spots that could potentially lead to a leak. Again, this can be done by you or you can outsource it for someone who may know what they are looking for.

Remove moss and mold yourself

When moss starts to build up on your home it’s time to take action. We recommend cleaning it first so you can actually see if any damage has been made to your shingles. Here is a great site we found that will assist you in the moss removal process.

Clean fascia, gutters, and down spouts

This can be a pretty simple task if done regularly. Every few months we recommend cleaning out your gutters and down spouts and cleaning off your fascia. There are tools you can purchase to help with this or again hiring someone to come out and do it is always an option.

trim Your branches

Branches can cause some pretty serious damage to your roof if they aren’t taken care of properly. The last thing you want is for a branch to fall off during a storm and wreck your roof. We suggest keeping your branches trimmed so they aren’t touching your roof.

Look for Rust ON your Metal Roof

If you see rust on your metal roof, then you can do one of two things. If the rust isn’t too bad we suggest going ahead and just removing it following these tips here. However, if the rust is too much to clean, meaning there are multiple spots of rust, then go ahead and give us a call for your free roof inspection so we can assess the damage.

We hope these 6 tips have help you with maintaining an outstanding roof. If you feel that you are unable to repair your roof yourself then please Contact Us today and we can have someone out there to come inspect your roof free of charge.

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